News from the Nursery

Nursery completed and occupied thanks to a generous gift from Cindy and Ken Grieshaber of Bethlehem Pa.
Thank you Cindy and Ken for your wonderful gift.
The nursery has two large bedrooms, a Play room and a Utility bath room for bathing and changing babies and doing laundry.
There is also a yard for the babies to play in. The fence is yet to come.
Our mamas are very happy.  The babies are all toddlers except Hillie and they love the freedom they have and we love the protection it provides.
Hillie has a Moto Car.  How much he has grown while I was away. He loves being independent but has to work hard to make his moto move.  The toddlers help him with that.
We can watch him grow because his feet do not reach the floor yet.
Soon, I am sure. I will keep you posted.