An Update on Our Goals for 2009

Our goal for 2009 is to complete the finishing touches to all present construction and projects and to have one new very important building project: a place for education.

  • Finish all cement work and painting on the inside and outside of the both homes.

  • Paint baseboard and out side of new larger Kitchen. (The original kitchen was too small to cook for the number of people we feed daily.

  • General repair to beds and new mattresses in boys home.

  • Build outside toilet for dry weather when flush toilets cannot be used.

  • Terrace land to prevent erosion until we build a school and Clinic in 2010.

  • Electricity for the farm buildings

  • Purchase day old broilers each month for a steady income. These broilers are sold at 3 months of age. The day old chicks cost 500 rwf (about 60 cents each) and are sold for profit after 3 months by weight.

  • Renovate the existing old kitchen and move the clinic from the boys home into it, giving us more room in the boy’s house for sleeping space.

  • Build closets in both homes for better control of clothes.

  • Our Education campaign will continue in November and December 2009. (very successful in 2008). 329 benefited from your generous gifts. Thank You.

New Construction
Ed Keller & Sandy Walker from Bloomsburg, PA along with two of our boys break ground
Our construction project for the year 2009 is an all purpose building that was started by Tom Wilson from Seattle and the UK and Ed Keller and Sandra Walker from Bloomsburg, Pa in January. This will be our first attempt at a two story building.

This building will have many purposes. The first floor will house our place of worship (Chapel) Sunday morning. It will be used for a class room for English for the community in the evenings and a kindergarten during the morning.

The second floor will have two rooms and one will be used as a Library, craft room and the second a Computer Learning Center.

The clothing and feeding of our wonderful children is something we have been incredibly successful at and it is now time to step it up and prepare them for a future where they can learn and grow into the educated, compassionate adults we know they can be.