A Look at What We Accomplished in 2008

Newest chickens born

An amazing amount was accomplished in 2008.

With your help, Urukundo has acquired the necessary land to construct a home for the boys, a home for the girls, a larger and better kitchen, bought some equipment for our small clinic, purchased 500 layers for egg production, built a house to raise chickens for income, cleared land for a soccer field, and built a very nice guesthouse for teams and individuals who want to come and work with us.

We started on the path to being more self-sustainable by building the chicken farm for eggs. It is not yet paying for itself, but it will soon. We now have a guaranteed market that will buy all our eggs and broilers when we have them. La Galette Bakery and German Butchery is doing this to help our kids. This is a real plus. We have completed a house for broilers to produce more income. We have also acquired a milk cow and two calves. The land we purchased is being farmed to supplement our food needs.

We also made sure the roofs of our children's homes capture the rainwater for our day to day use.