How the Weather Kept New Photos Out of This Month's Update

You may notice there aren't as many photos this month as there usually are.  It all has to do with the weather, which is still unpredictable.

We have just passed through what is traditionally three dry months in Rwanda, but with rain storms every day. Our storms have been very violent, with high winds and much rain, but we are finding every leak in the homes and that is a plus. However moping up the water is a lot of work. Fixing the roofs, windows and doors to keep out the water has been a challenge.

The worst results of the weather happened to me or at least it was the worst for me.

The window over my desk in my bedroom office was not latched securely and at the height of the storm blew open, drenching my bed and the entire room which, sadly, included my desk. My macbook sat open on that desk. Water destroys computers and it certainly destroyed mine. The entire computer, monitor and key board were drenched.

Gradually, the water evaporated from the monitor. It was interesting to watch and it took 3 weeks to do so. There are about 4 spots still visible but inside the keyboard nothing has changed as it does not function, So the computer has to be replaced. Fortunately my hard drive was backed up, but I can’t get to the data just yet.

I am so grateful for the used PC I brought back from my visit in January 2008 and that is what I am using now to do the newsletter.