Arlene in Rwanda Newsletter - December 2007

DECEMBER 2007 Mama Arlene on the new land.

Greetings my Partners in Ministry From Rwanda,

It is an exciting time as I prepare to come to the US for an overdue visit. I have the tickets in hand. It is my prayer that I will be able to visit many of you and share the story of Urukundo Home for Children. This is a home you have made possible.

When I first asked God for land I wanted just enough for a chicken farm and a safe place for our children to play. We completed both projects this month. God had bigger plans and gave us a second adjoining large parcel of land. Now it is time to build the cottages for our children. Presently we house our boys in one rented house and the girls in a second. Moving into our own cottages will eliminate the overhead of rent and other expenses incurred. If we remain in the rentals we will have the expense of replacing outdated electricity and plumbing in houses belonging to someone else. Perhaps you would like to sponsor one of the cottages for girls or one for boys? Can I send you the blueprint and other information for you to decide?

This is your invitation to come and share some of your time with me. Divine, our first child who came to the home, and I will arrive on January 14. We will return to Rwanda on February 29. This is Divine’s first adventure outside her country. When told she would be going to America her hands flew to her cheeks and she exclaimed, “I don't believe it!" This is way beyond her expectations. Divine is 12 years-old and in the sixth form (grade). She has already been invited to visit my great-granddaughter’s, Jenna, public school in Jersey Shore. Divine is interested in visiting American school classrooms. It will be very different than in Rwanda. I know when you meet her that you will love and embrace her as much as I do.

Divine is preparing to come to the U.S.

To attend an already scheduled event with us make sure you sign up here on the Spiritworks page and announcements will automatically be sent to you. To schedule us to come to your home, church, school, or event contact Terry Masch as soon as possible so she can fit you in the schedule. Her phone number is 717-558-8129
and you can email her at

Holiday away from home is finished and all are glad to be home. I have been informed three weeks is too long for a holiday. It seems that they missed me as much as I missed them.

Two new girls have come to live with us at our home. Aline, pronounced “Arlene” (Hey, this one shares my name) is three-and-a-half and is very small for her age. She suffers from developmental problems caused by malnutrition and poor living conditions. Aline has a lot of catching up to do and we ask you for serious prayer as she becomes healthy and at home. Anita is our second new child. She is thirteen and in 5th form at school. She told me that she wants to be a doctor.
Aline needs prayer.

Aline and Natete who is 18 months.Aline with Annah, age four.

With the chickens moved to the new chicken house the boys decided that there was room at their house for a dog or two. One dog does not work for seventeen active boys. And with the athletic court finished a lot of basketball is played.
Puppy-twoBoys on the new court.
Please meet Milliam Benigne Ngendahayo who was born Jan 24, 2007 with a serious heart defect. She needed transport to Wolfson Medical Center in Israel. The surgery was free but the transport was not. She flew with her mother, Dorcas Nitirera, on August 13 and returned October 3rd a healthy baby girl. We of Urukundo are pleased to have been a part in her recovery. Below you’ll see the photo of her mother and father, Pastor Juvanel Ngendahayo, during her visit with us. This is their message to all of you who are partners with me. "We thank God so much because our baby is okay. God bless Urukundo Home for Children for what they have done for us."
A healthy baby and happy family.img_0089.jpg
I close for now and wish you the blessings of this Advent season as we await the Christ Child. I pray that you make room at the inn and in your heart for him… and all children under God’s care.
Blessings of Advent and Shalom,

Arlene D Brown
BP 179
Founder Urukundo Home for Children
Muhanga District, Rwanda
Office Cell 08769422
My Cell 05102964

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