Arlene in Rwanda November Newsletter

Volume #7 October/November
Urukundo Home for Children

Greetings from Rwanda to my partners in Mission.

Arrangements for “job-sharing” managers have volunteered and I am coming home in early January for a five-week visit. And there are still others who are planning to come and help manager the home after my return. I expect I will freeze in the Northeast, but this is the only --almost free-- time I have and so winter it is. I know your schedules are busy and I hope to have the opportunity to share with many of you while I am home. To schedule me to come to your church or group, or for a 1-on-1 visit contact Board Member, Terry Marsh at 717-558-8129,, 5137 Clover Court, Harrisburg PA. 17111

I am excited about coming and with your help plan to bring Divine to help me tell the story of Urukundo. Divine was the first child to come to Urukundo Home for Children and is considered my “First Born”. If you would like to sponsor and meet her let Terry Marsh know.

The children’s school fees are due the first of January and school starts for 2008 January10. This means that the tuition money for 2008 needs to reach Spiritworks before the last of November.
Thanks to all who contribute so that many children can receive an education and a better, brighter future.

I know you will enjoy this story about our five-year-old; Bilese.
In October two visitors came for a short visit to Urukundo. They brought a large backpack of clothes for us. When opened we found clothes and shoes for small children. They were the perfect size for Bilese and Annah so they got new clothes and shoes. We then shared the boys and baby clothes with the neighborhood children. Bilese was amazed when she saw the clothing. She sat and stared for a long time. She then turned to Hope our House Mother and with serious big eyes asked, "Mama are we rich now that we have much clothes and many shoes”? The joy on her little face warmed my heart. I am sure it will warm yours also.

Puppy died. We believe she died from food poisoning but we are not sure. It was not deliberate, but our beautiful Puppy is dead. We buried her at the new site. Our kids are heart broken, as am I.
Instantly I said, “No more dogs.” But another puppy appeared at my house from nowhere and of course the kids saw her first and it was love at first sight. She looks a little like Puppy but has a different build. John says she will be bigger than Puppy would have been. Yes, her name is Puppytwo. If you say it fast it sounds okay. The German shepherd, who really missed Puppy came alive again when the new puppy arrived I was outvoted, So, I guess she stays. It was strange how the big dog went into mourning when Puppy died; almost human.

School is finished for the 2007 term and I am pleased to report our girls did very well. Four ranked first in their class. All ranked in the upper 15% and each child has improved over the last grading period. Remember these classes hold 47 to 71 children per classroom. Tutorial evening classes have paid off. I hope you who sponsor their education are as pleased as I am with their progress.

The boys did not do as well in school but this was their first term with us. I know they will do better in 2008. Ben, our oldest, graduated from Secondary School and is enrolled in the Kigali Health Institute. Below is a photo of John, Ben and me after the Graduation Celebration. Additionally, there is more space for the boys to play now at the home for boys now that the chickens have been moved to the site of the new Urukundo Village. The construction on the Chicken Farm is completed.

The play area (field) for basketball and other sports is ready for the cement. Now workers are clearing and leveling the soccer field. We have a team of neighborhood boys waiting to play our boys. Both fields are not only for Urukundo Village but for the neighborhood. Soccer and basketball are popular sport here. We also want to have a running track around the perimeter of the soccer field. These fields will be used for multiple purposes. Below is a photo of the basketball field waiting for cement.

The foundation for the Nursery School is our next project as funds come in. Because of the different areas and the amount of land, we continue clearing and leveling the grounds.

We’ve been blessed with lots of friends visiting. Below are photos of a Presbyterian team, Craig Haas a family friend who was kind enough to carry a new camera to me; Donna, Terry, Betty, and Pastor Boyd from Indiana County; Mary Eisenhower the granddaughter of US President Dwight Eisenhower and myself. She is President and CEO of People to People. We were very pleased to have her and a team from People to People; Dustin Daughherty.

There is also a photo of the People to People Team enjoying dinner at the our guesthouse while listening to the history of Urukundo.
We were indeed blessed by this visit.

If you would like to be a partner with me in mission I would be happy to welcome you as would my Lord. Gifts can be sent to the mission through:
Spiritworks-Rwanda Fund
823 West Cremona St
Seattle, Washington 98119
Rwanda Support
Saint Johns-Newberry UMC
2101 Newberry Street Williamsport Pa 17701


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