Mama Arlene's Preliminary Travel Calendar in the U.S.

January 14 Arrive @ Dullas Airport, Washington, D.C. 7:30am

Breakfast with Reston, VA Fellowship.

January 15 Travel to Williamsport, PA.

Informal Gathering @ Barner Home, Elimsport, PA

January 16 Evening @ Phelps Chapel, Avis, PA

January 19 Evening Event to be Decided.

January 20 Morning Worship Services @ Saint Johns-Newberry UMC, Williamsport, PA

January 27 Locust Street UMC, Wrightsville, PA

January 30 Ecumenical Luncheon @ Pine Street UMC, Williamsport, PA

February 2 Luncheon @ McConnelstown UMC, PA

February 4 Williamsport Area High School, PA with Classrooms

February 6 Williamsport Area High School, PA with Classrooms

February 11 - 15 Spokane, Washington

February 16 Breakfast @ Bethlehem, PA

February 17 Worship Service @ Lohrs UMC, Hanover, PA

February 20 United Churches Breakfast, Hanover, PA

February 24 Fairplay Gospel Church, Jersey Shore, PA

February 29 Home to Rwanda

This schedule is not written in stone so it is subject to change and additional apprearences. To schedule your dates for Arlene to visit your church, home or gathers contact:

Terry McMillan Marsh
5137 Clover Court
Harrisburg PA. 17111