Dear Friends, It is the time to think about renewing school scholarship gifts for the street children ,genocide orphans, HIV/AIDS orphans, and the poor in our community. These scholarships go to orphans and poor children who do not live in our home and can only attend school with our support. Sending these children to school is central to our work and mission here.

Tuition is due at the end of November. If you are an Education Support Partner it is time to renew your annual gift. If you would like to become an Education Support Partner and support one or more of the children just let us know.

This is what one $15 scholarship provides:

1. school fees for the year
2. one uniform
3. one backpack
4. one jacket
5. pens
6 notebooks
7. one pair of shoes

Below are photos of some of the 200 children we supported last year and are hoping to support in 2008. Please consider making a gift to send each child back to school in January.
Send your gifts to:
823 West Cremona Street
Seattle WA 98119
United States Memo: Education

Thank you for your love and support
Mama Brown, Arlene

Arlene D Brown
BP 179
Founder Urukundo Home for Children
Muhanga District, Rwanda
Cell 08769422