Urukundo Village

Sports at Urukundo


We are honoring the martial arts this month.


Our karate kids are looking good.

On my right is Eugene, Urukundo’s farm manager and instructor for the karate students.

Black belts are hard to earn. From our karate school, we have eight. I have yet to even be given the proper clothes so I have no belt.

What makes P6 boys happy? Of course, a gift of much needed sports balls. These arrived and are so appreciated.


We are grateful.

Volleyball, basketball and soccer balls.

Visitors for February


Early in February, Ray O’Keefe from Seattle, Washington, USA, dropped by. Literally, he did drop by. I did not know he was in Rwanda.

Ray is Chief Nurse Anesthetist at Providence Washington Anesthesia Services, PC, Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett, Washington.

Ray and his wife, Sarah Ketchley, our website manager, have been part of the Urukundo family for 10 years.

Ray was in Rwanda with a team of surgeons and anesthetists on a medical mission. He took time on his rest day to come visit Urukundo and give me a hug from Sarah.

Ray and his family support, love and pray for our own John Paul Nziyumanganya. John Paul just recently returned to Urukundo after furthering his education in Seattle, Washington. Thanks to Ray and Sarah’s devotion, he is now a full time physical education teacher at Urukundo Learning Center.

The Dental Clinic had a real boost in February. We are always happy to welcome a visiting dentist from abroad.

Dr. Troy Michelson and his wife and assistant, Charmaine, are very appreciated. They hail from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is their third journey to Urukundo Village.

The day care was blessed by their daughter, Alina Michelson, who was accompanying her parents for the first time. She brought her best friend, Kristina Le May.


Alina and friends


Kristina sharing her toys


More fun at Mama’s house

Both girls said they will be back.

After a day of rest and touring Urukundo Village and Learning Center, Troy and Charmaine got down to serious business.


They started by scanning and treating, if necessary, all P5 and P6 students at our school.

Reports were sent home to their parents. Students waited to register. Ishmal, our clerk and recorder, filled in forms.


Dr. Troy and Charmaine are a team worthy of praise.

Dr. Troy and student.


Suction, anyone? Oliver, our full-time therapist, comes to the aid of Dr. Troy.


Serious consultation.


Aline Ishimue, the newest addition to our dental staff, tried something new, thanks to Charmaine.


A fun time was had by all.


Welcome home, Carol

Carol Falke came home for the eighth year in a row. She is family.

Carol is from State College, Pennsylvania, USA, and is president of the Hope Made Real board of directors.

Urukundo and the Learning Center are blessed by her presence.

What do you know about butterflies? Our preschoolers know a lot, thanks to Carol Falke.


First, you read a book about caterpillars.Then you color and cut out.


Next, you show them off.


Windows also work well for this activity.


Urukundo kids enjoyed playing Simon Says with the butterflies on the lawn at Mama’s house.


Touch your nose.


Touch your toes.

The parade led by Carol topped the play time.


Visitor notes

New bathroom with tile, new toilet and shower for the comfort of our guests. Hey, it may not seem like a big thing. For Urukundo and our guests, it is.


We welcomed many visitors, interns and volunteers during the year. Each is so appreciated.

These are just the highlights of 2018. I want to thank all friends of Urukundo/ Hope Made Real for making 2018 a good year.

Looking ahead

What challenges will come in 2019?

Already accomplished is a second big bus for the primary school.


Hopes and expectations:

• Expand the library.

• Enlarge Hope House for use as worship center. Congregation continues to grow.

• Build four more classrooms for primary school. Possible two-story building.

• Look at the possibility of a secondary school.

• Update our guest house facilities.