Sewing Desks

Ever wonder what you can do to help?

Here’s a thought:

A great way is to support the Urukundo Sewing Center. A big help with a small gift.

We have a Sewing Center classroom nearly ready to start the new school year in 2020. We have no desks or chairs.

Yes, we need chairs for our students to sit on. These students are young adults.


The chair we wish to purchase is one with a side desk, thus saving on buying both a desk and chair. Economically, this is the best buy at US$30 each. We find if we were to buy a desk and chair separately, the cost would be US$60 for the two pieces. We try to save where we can. The metal frame will hold up better, and wood parts can be replaced, keeping the cost down. The chair is made here by our local vendor, so we help not only our economy but the economy in our district.

Donations can be sent to

Hope Made Real

Box 3222

Williamsport, Pa.



Use the “donate now” button on the website,

Thank you all for the generous donations.