August Visitors

Visitors from Austria


A yearly visitor to Urukundo is Dr. Otto Fischer, a doctor of veterinary medicine in Austria and founder and director of the NGO Future for Kids. This group is located in the Rwaza sector of Rwanda. He also founded a vet clinic. He brings many visitors to Rwanda from Austria, both vet students others. I am always glad to see him and his friends.

This time. Dr. Otto brought with him 12 aspiring young people on their way to graduating from veterinary school. It was our pleasure to have them tour Urukundo’s farm.

Andreas, Tamara, Lara and Clara came to Rwanda from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria.

Anga, Esther, Prudence and Leandre are students at the University of Rwanda, Nyagatare campus.

With Dr. Otto was Dr. Thomas and his vet tech, Anna, from the animal clinic in Rankweil, Austria.

Visitors from Texas, USA


Dr. Casey Call and a delegation from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University came to spend a few hours getting acquainted with Urukundo Learning Center and Village. An internship between Urukundo and Texas Christian is a possibility. We look forward to a closer relationship in the future.

It was our pleasure to share Urukundo’s history and goals with Jana Hunsley, Ashley West, Mindy Cook and Dr. Call, who is assistant director of the Karyn Purvis Institute.


Accompanying the visitors was Francoise Uzamukunda, a representative from the Global Engagement Institute in Rwanda.

Making new friends continues to be our goal at Urukundo Foundation.

Ok, so I am the short one. Don’t expect I will get taller.