Special event for Urukundo

Auntie Delphine’s wedding was indeed a special event. So sorry I missed it. Delphine was the first Urukundo employee in 2006.

A bridal shower was given by her coworkers at Urukundo Village.


After a surprise, you shed tears. Tradition, I think.


The wedding was followed by dancing and singing.

Then food.


The food was served by the Urukundo kitchen staff. Looks good.


The wedding attendants and Diescor. Not quite sure how he got in the bride’s photo. Delphine is rather special to our kids, and Diescor has been under her wing since 2007.


Not the best photo, but our kids and staff presented the bride and groom with a gift. Jean Marie is handing the large pease basket filled with I-am-not-sure-what. It is never empty to Auntie Delphine in the photo.


Beautiful bride and wedding attendants.


Best wishes for a long and happy marriage.