Time for cake

Mistakes are edible.
We ordered a cake from a shop in Kigali. The cake was delicious.

However, the writing on the cake had a mistake. It should have said, “New Family
Meredith, Alex & David.” Instead, it said,  “New Family Marydith, David.” Alex didn’t make it to the top of the cake.

We did not have time to do the icing over, so there were no changes.The ice cream was melting. Sorry, Alex. We love you -- Mama, kids and especially David.

Meredith Lu first came to Rwanda more than eight years ago with the Peace Corps and has been David’s sponsor since he was a baby. She since has graduated from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. The newcomer to the family is Alex Nachis. Meredith and Alex visited Urukundo in 2017 so he could meet David. The cake celebrated their wedding on June 16, 2018.

Ice cream, cake and Fanta
Baby Jenny licked the bowl clean.