February Newsletter

Love Is All Around

February is the love month. The perfect month for the LOVE (Urukundo) FOUNDATION. I hope each of you are our Valentine.  There is so much love here with lots to share.
Belise and Esperance
Babies from Mama & Baby Center share love.

We are ever in need of infant clothes for Valentine babies who remain in our hearts.
More love. Kiriku, Joyce, Jacob, Banitha. Friends.
Betty is also a Valentine. She has been the main caregiver in the boys house since 2006. She should be a great mom when she has her own kids as she has had lots of practice in the years she has served Urukundo’s boys and girls. Congratulations, Betty, and a happy marriage to Etienne from Mama and all your Urukundo family.
Thank you for inviting us to this happy event.