Community Christmas on Dec. 21

Christmas for community children was a bit overwhelming. We knew it would be more than last year, but the over 600 who attended was more than we expected.

Kids arrived early, waiting for doors to open at 1:30 p.m.


Seating plan went well.


Hope House is full and runneth over.


Overflow. On outside retaining wall and steps.

All children were served inside and outside.

We decided that we could not use chairs this year. Mats were placed on the floor in Hope House. Benches were along the far wall for teens. Chairs on platform were for mamas with babies.

Ok now we are ready. We think.

Boxed milk, meat sumbosa and juice for those who cannot tolerate milk were the treats for the day.


Entertaining so many children, it was necessary to have not only a system to serve refreshments but also to give gifts and have an exit setup so that there was crowd control. Interesting!!

Plan A. Give refreshments, collect trash. Girls line up for Door No. 1.

Boys line up for Door No. 2.

Receive gift, exit building. It worked.

Didn’t need Plan B.

Door No. 1 girls.


Door No. 2 boys.


Executive secretary Eric and Johnny.


Claude, Luki, Aline, David, Soso and John helped serve the kids and did the outside cleanup after the finish. They did a great job. Thanks, guys.

Ready for Christmas

Claude, Aline, Luki, Claudine, Egide, John, David, Diane and Soso

Claude, Aline, Luki, Claudine, Egide, John, David, Diane and Soso