Child of the Month


Egide came to Urukundo on May 7, 2011.
This is my favorite photo.

Sorry, Soso and Egide. Mama could not resist this photo.

Egide is a beautiful boy with love to give.  So happy we were here to help heal his little heart and return the love.
The Vice Mayor from the Muhanga District brought Egide to Urukundo. His story is limited. We do not know his date of birth, but, based on his growth and his teeth, we believe he was 4 years old.
This is the story brought to us:
A young woman was seen walking into the water at the lake carrying a small child close in her arms. She was wading out into the deep water, holding her little boy with tears running down her face. A woman who was watching felt something was very wrong and called for help. Several men nearby came at her call for help and went into the water to bring the protesting mother and the little boy to safety. The mother intended to drown herself and the little boy. Both she and the boy were pulled from the deep water in time to save them. We are so thankful for the person who came along at the right time.
His mom is Vestine and she is in a hospital for mentally disturbed persons. We are hoping she will recover from the trauma she has lived through. We pray for her.
Egide is a fine young man and very handsome. He just started fourth grade.
In December 2017, Egide earned his orange belt in Karate. He had a white belt and advanced so well that he skipped the yellow belt and now is orange. That is quite an achievement. Congratulations, Egide and Sarah.