Another Thank You

Christmas was extra special for our children, thanks to St. Paul's United Methodist Church, State College, Pa., USA. Over 100 bags were hand-decorated and filled with precious gifts for the children in Urukundo Village, Binunga Community of Muhanga, Rwanda.

Rowan Miller is one of the wonderful kids in the toddlerís class at St. Paulís Sunday School. They are sharing. The toddlers, moms and dads were an inspiration. Little ones willing to share with other little ones is what the love of Christ and Christmas is all about. These bags also can be used as backpacks for the younger children and for delivering infant clothing to new mamas passing through the MAMA & BABY OUTREACH.
Thank you, St. Paulís and all who made this special time even more special for over 700 children who shared the bags of blessings in a small town in Rwanda. You are a blessing to us.

Our kids were so excited.