February Babies

Having babies and new Mamas were both big news during February!Our baby pigs arrived, 7 at a time.Not to be outdone and ever so much more important.  Juliette, my lovely secretary, gave us a beautiful baby boy in February.

I don’t know how I will get along without her for 6 weeks! That is the mandatory leave time after having a baby. Thank goodness she answers phone calls.

The baby was not due until March so we thought we had time to train someone to work in the office. 

As babies sometimes do, he decided he would come sooner. Juliette came to work not feeling well with discomfort in her lower abdomen. We decided she should go to the Medical Center across the road to be sure she was ok. Being an old hand at having babies, I was pretty sure she was in labor. When she didn’t come back to work it had to be so. Well about 3 hours later Julie sent me a text message I HAVE A BABY BOY.  I was not surprised! Mama and baby are doing just fine and I get to give him his Christian name.  Babies here get three names. I think I will call him Jerry.