February Special News

If hearts sing and love abounds in February, mine is right in tune. Urukundo is so blessed.

We have big news to share! We have a new name for our Dental Initiative.
University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Dentistry and Urukundo Dental.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Document signing, sealed with a handshake.

A delegation of 7 came to Urukundo Village from the University School of Dentistry to take part in the signing ceremony making Urukundo Dental Initiative part of the School of Dentistry.


Muhumuza Ibra - Dean, School of Dentistry - University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Karl Self - University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and Donna.

Sawsan Salih - Associate to the Dean of the School of Dentistry, Harvard School of Dental Medicine.
Valli Meeks - University of Maryland School of Dentistry.
Valli is from Philadelphia, PA. She is definitely a HOME GIRL for me - same accent!

Valli, Sawsan and Karl are part of the United States faculty working with the Rwanda Human Resources for Health Project.
(l-r) Ethel, Mama Arlene, Julienne, Valli
Ethel and Julienne are instructors at the University School of Dentistry.
Summary of the MOU
This is a brief summary of how it will operate.

The school will pay for food and housing only for their students and instructor.  There is no large financial gain for Urukundo from the school but there will be recognition and the connection with the University giving us creditability. We are a fully equipped Dental Clinic in operation. We purchase our own supplies and have our volunteer clinic staff. The University will supply the guidelines to ensure we conform with government regulations. They will also respond to any urgent needs.

We can do our own charging for services. For difficult cases, we can send the client to the Dental Hospital at the University and the cost will not change for our patients. This will give them access to dental services they could otherwise not afford. Also our dental service can now advertise and be open Monday through Saturday noon. This will give us many more clients. Our clients pay a minimum charge for consultation and depending on the service needed the cost will be determined by what the client can afford. Some will be free and others will pay a reasonable cost. We hope in that way to give good service and to pay for needed supplies.

We are operating under the University license. This is an important contribution from the School of Dentistry. There will be 6 to 10 students coming for clinical training each month on a two-week rotation program and an instructor coming with them.

This is a very important step for Urukundo.  It also helps our standing in the district.  It should be very interesting. I am sure there will be changes as we move forward. We are a pilot program for the University. If our relationship is successful the University will expand the program to other areas of Rwanda using Urukundo as the model.