Exciting Connection with Global Engagement Foundation

Thanks to Michael Grosspietsch and Melissa Lesage URUKUNDO LEARNING CENTER was added to their already full schedule. It was a new experience for our teachers.

We thank them for finding a bit of time for Urukundo. They have been a long time source of encouragement.

Global Engagement Foundation was established to better serve the world. To learn more about this organization check out their website.

Buffalo University out of New York State, USA came to Urukundo

Drew Kahn - Professor, Theater and Director, Anne Frank Project

SUNY Buffalo State


Professor Drew Kahn, the Head of the Drama Studies program and 6 of his young students spent about 3 hours at Urukundo. What a wonderful 3 hours that was.

The impact they had on our teachers was evident.  The teachers saw, heard and learned the value of drama in teaching children.

Their purpose:

Teaching storytelling skills to Rwandan teachers

The theme for this presentation was survival, caring and sharing based on the Diary of Anne Frank.

Who knew the equation 2 + 2 = 4 could be so much fun when acted out. 

Yes even Math can be fun if a little imagination is added to the mix.

Our new House of the Arts was the perfect setting for this project. Design and decorations were done by two of our girls, Anitha and Belise. Great job girls!

Teachers focus on the story.

After the teaching session the visitors joined the children in the Boys' Home.