Urukundo Learning Center

In February the director and visitors from THE KIGALI SCHOOL OF MUSIC visited our new Music Room at Urukundo Primary School.

The purpose was to see how they might work with Urukundo. We hoped for a program that would benefit both the Music School and Urukundo Learning Center.

Their director was impressed with our music facility. He is very interested in working with us and will set up a program. In the long term, he is considering having his students do an apprenticeship at Urukundo. This would help his school and benefit us. We would supply food and shelter in exchange for a teacher with training preparing for graduation.

This may be a way for us to get qualified teachers in the future.

We could use some financial support to be able to offer this program to his students and to ours.

If you agree with me that Music and Art are universal/ international and should be a part of every program for education you can help make it happen at Urukundo Learning Center. If you want to be a part of giving this gift to the children in Rwanda come on board with a gift to make this program work.

In the short term, a teacher will come once a week to spend the day in our teaching program. We would furnish transport and a meal.

The team comprised of 3 women from Finland and 2 men from Rwanda. The group consisted of a piano teacher, a singing instructor, an opera singer, a recorder player, a guitarist and the Director of the school.

A guitarist who also teaches children how to play and have fun with a recorder, the director of the school and a representative of Crescendo, an international organization. www.cresendo.org

The kids had a great time. Each had an instrument, played and sang along.

Before they left they gave the little ones in our home 3 harmonicas.

The kids loved the noise they made. It was music to their ears but noise to mine!

Kabosi doesn’t quite get it. Wrong end in mouth. We made the correction but I love this picture.

It was a wonderful few hours. We hated to see them go.