Visitors from several states spent a couple hours at Urukundo. One of the most interesting people traveling with them was William Mwizerwa.
William and his family live in Tennessee, USA. He is Rwandese and originally from Gitarama, Muhanga District. 
William is serving in mission. He is Director of in the US. You might want to check his web site.
Their visit was too short. They were great fun and their time with the kids was priceless.

Juliet our staff secretary, John Paul and many time visitor Talia from Bloomsburg, Pa are puzzle fans. This is an important pass time now in mama's house.
Spending time at Hope House with the children is great fun for visitors and a big help to Mama Arlene.
Suzanne Sklaney worked the puzzle Noah's Ark with Claude and Agide.
Larissa Sinclair is learning to build blocks and knock them down. Our baby Diane and big sister Sarah are the teachers. Sarah is 4 years old a great teacher.
Kaboss is an independent thinker and loves this double sided puzzle. Talia is there to assist.
Talia now has a namesake in Rwanda.  Baby Talia is the daughter of Oswald our full time driver since 2009. She is as beautiful as the young lady she was named for.