Thoughts about Urukundo

Written by Jan, a recent visitor to Urukundo.

I went to the Urukundo Children's Home in Gitarama. I met Arlene, the founder. She is over 80 years old and has started this foundation which helps lots of kids all on her own. The love and dedication that she has for her work just dazzled me. It's incredibly inspiring to see how someone leaves their safe home (in this case) in the US, comes all the way over here to help people. Even if it means spending every last cent they saved up for their retirement. 

Yesterday I read somewhere that we live our lives as if we are never going to die and then we die as if we have never lived.  Well, maybe some of us do. But definitely not Arlene. When she leaves, and I hope it will be years and years before that happens, she is going to leave an incredible legacy behind. 

And she will have lived, indeed.