Continuing the Gallery

Some of the older kids
Secondary school equals High school.
These were the little kids in 2006.
Abis, 16 years old, in Secondary 2.
Tresor has just finished Secondary School and qualifies to test for the MASTERCARD SCHOLARSHIP AWARD.  He is applying for further education with BRIDGE 2 RWANDA to be better prepared to take the tests and then apply to a university in the US through the MASTERCARD SCHOLARSHIP program.
This young man can use some financial help to accomplish his goals.
Alexander, 17 years old, Secondary 6.
The oldest of our 3 Claudes, 18 years old, Secondary 1.
Divine, 17 years old, Secondary 6.
Olivier 16 years old, senior 2.
Liliane, 17 years old, Secondary 3.
Esperance. We have two young girls named Esperance. This is the older of the two.
19 years old, Secondary 6.