Greetings from Mama Arlene and the Urukundo Family for September 2012

Hello from Urukundo.
September has come and gone. I do miss the changing of the fall season in Pennsylvania. The foliage is so beautiful especially in Williamsport, Jersey Shore and the Lock Haven areas. Many times I drove up the Snow Shoe Mountains to visit my mother in Clearfield County and the colors near took my breath away.  The air is invigorating. No longer summer but not yet the cold of winter. A great time but short-lived. Reminiscing is a pleasure when the climate here stays constant summer. What differentiates the seasons here is rain or no rain. We are in the rainy time now and so are planting every inch of ground. With the freezer our friends from Canada bought for us, we hope to be able to freeze enough vegetables to carry us through the months of no gardens. This will cut down on the cost of fresh food. 
For all of you who support this project I am eternally grateful.
Sending kids to school who otherwise would have little chance of education is a worthwhile project.
Your gift of $15 supplies one child with a uniform, shoes, exercise books, pens, a sweater and a back pack. Where could you find a better bargain? It will do your heart good knowing you are making a difference in the life of a child and these children are so grateful. Every child should be able to read and write and reach their potential.
I hope many of you will consider these children when you make out your Christmas list.