Communication with the Kids

It is awesome how much jow a simple birthday card can bring. This beautiful card came to Claude from his support person in the US.  He is one happy little boy.
The kids show our visitor Clare and her niece Jessica from England how to build with Legos. The Legos remain the favorite play time activity for the kids.
Some of the Legos the kids have decided to keep built.  Well, for now anyway.
Amy, our volunteer at the school, brought her sister Ann to see where she was working during her holiday from another school in Rwanda.  We so appreciate Ann and her willingness to give up her holiday to help out at Urukundo Learning Center.
Kirsten our volunteer nurse from the Netherlands.
Kirsten is a such hit with the kids. So much better than this more aged person! She is learning much about medicine in Rwanda and will visit the Medical Center below our compound to get a first hand experience in Rwanda Government Health Care.