Another Story

The local police stopped our vehicle and condemned it because of its bad, unsafe tires. We had just a few days to get a new set. For us this was impossible. We knew funds were coming but that did not help now. It would have to be parked. We already had to push the car to get it started, because the battery was not good. And since the vehicle has two batteries, both would have to be replaced. Nancy Ehrig and her husband Gary were here at the time. That very day they took the vehicle to Kigali City, had 4 new tires put on it and replaced both batteries. When I was concerned, they said the money spent should be considered as part of the Ingoboka Fund. How very blessed we are. Thank you Nancy and Gary. Urukundo is ever grateful as the vehicle is critical for our safe travel and that of our Volunteers coming from other parts of the world.