Christmas Eve for the Kids

We celebrated the party, hardy, Christmas on Christmas Eve. Food, fun and gifts for all the children. Fanta, sumbosa, a tree, music, dancing and 2 gifts for every child. It took place after dinner. The little ones had their treat and gifts first and went off to bed happy. The older kids then had their party into the evening.

The food and drink was provided by the sponsor of Liliane (Carolyn and Mark) who sent extra money for us to be used for Christmas. Thank you.
The music was a gift from Jean Marie one of our staff. The gifts were from boxes sent from our support family and friends to be shared with the children. Thank you all. Talia and Meredith came for Christmas with a gift for every child. What better family support could Urukundo have?

The kids sat on the floor of Hope House and opened gifts together. each child received a gift from you and a gift from our visitors Meredith and Talia.

The little children sang Happy Birthday Jesus. We all joined in. I am sure there were smiles in heaven.