Progress on the Primary School

The floors are finished. Blackboards are in place. Furniture ordered and more than half paid for. Another $300 is needed and Tom Nunnally's offer to match funds is still out there.

The outside is being dressed up. Trees have been planted to hold the soil, the cement frontage is in place and gutters are there for ground drainage. We still need the rain water harvest tank and foundation to set it on plus toilets. The school needed an access from the Preschool down to the Primary School. The path had to go through two of our neighbors yards. We are blessed wiiith good neighbors who care and both have given us the right of way with no compensation expected. We are blessed to have such good caring neighbors. Building the path will include taking out a wall, building steps and providing security. Benjimin the builder and Abis, one of our boys, started work on this project today.

about 4 feet of this stone wall will be removed.