School News

Our first graduation will take place in November.
47 boys and girls will wear caps and gowns and be the first graduates from Cyakabiri School for Small Children. Pictures to follow in November's Newsletter.
The ceremony will take place in Hope House. Parents and special guests will be invited. We hope to make this a special event for our students.

Stepping out in faiith: enrollment has begun for Faith Primary School for the first term of 2013.

In process: The goal for opening 2 classrooms for Primary 1 is January 10, 2013.

These are our ongoing funding needs:

furniture for 2 class rooms
25 desks and chairs sets for each room.

(photos before the date change on the camera!).

We also need:

2 teachers desks & chairs
2 assistant teachers table and chairs.
2 shelves for books
2 cabinets with doors and locks.

Furniture for one class room will cost $1500 usd.

A matching grant from Tom in Pittsburgh for up to $1500 has been given as incentive to raise the needed funds.
Thank you Tom.