Volunteers in August

Volunteers were a blessing this month of August
Nathan and Anna from Puyallup, Washington spent two weeks with us. This was Nathan's second trip to Rwanda and first trip to Urukundo. His first trip was while he was a university student and he is now a teacher. His bride Anna came with him. We enjoyed their visit and the work they did for us.
Liz and Keenen - mom and son - are volunteers from California.
The team from Christ Church McKeansburg, PA:
One team member is missing. Sorry Bri. 
Sam Buck from the UK is a long term visitor. He is training to be a youth leader and is involved in sports, projects, English classes. devotions.  Sam arrived July 16th and goes home September 9th.
While they were here our August volunteers traveled to Inyanza, the capital of South Province, to the historic Kings' Palaces.  The three palaces range from the ancient to the present day.  They also visited the Art Museum, The Museum of Natural History at Butare and the Twa Pottery Center at Gatagara.  The visit to the Genocide Memorial in Kigali City gave them a realistic view of the happenings in 1994.