Umugunda is a very important event in Rwanda. Every last Saturday of the month the government has set aside the morning hours for all citizens to work together in their neighborhood to make it look good. We at Urukundo are a part of that and as a team the work is done well and is fun.
This month was special because four of out toddlers became a part of the team. Vincent and Grace supervised them in their work.

The guards pitch in.

Serephine, Belise & Aline clean up trimmings.

The toddlers join in for their first Umugunda day.

Kenny, Kinela, Agid and Claude part of the team.

Vincent, Grace, Agide, Kinela, Claude, Luki, Neli & another Claude.

Piling trimmings Claude in red and Agide in yellow shirt and tan pants

Filling the bag.

Job finished.

Moving to next clean up area. Can you pick out the toddlers and name them?!