Trip to Akagera National Park

In May Jan Brown, the Cyakabiri teachers and the girls visited Akagera National Park.   The animals are wonderful and a delight to see.
Not to be outdone by the girls the boys with their benefactor Lisa, our visitors Talia and Nicole and several staff member made the trip also.
Each trip was different and the kids appreciated being invited to go on the 5 hour journey each way.
They packed a lunch and then munched on bananas on the ride home.

It was a long journey and a good time was had by all.

Animals include cape buffalo, warthogs, zebra, water buck mama and calf, impala, giraffe, older male baboon and hippos.

Urukundo Foundation and this mama want to thank both Jan Brown and Lisa Martilotta for giving such a wonderful opportunity to be shared by our children.