From the Farm

The roof is going on. Soon the cows will come. Thanks to you who helped get it the materials for the barn. It will be such an asset for our farm and providing milk for the kids is the objective. 
The barn nears completion.
Our kids and Cyakabiri school learn about feeding animals. These baby lambs lost their mother when they were born and the farmer has kept them alive by bottle feeding. The idea is to show the children different ways to provide food for babies.  The milk is cow milk and the children felt the container to know the milk is heated before it is given to the babies. The lambs follow the farm boy everywhere. They think he is their mother. He is the source of their food.
Update on Daisy the milk cow : after eye surgery Daisy has no more pain and doing well. She is expecting a new baby we hope. Vet will verify next week.