Women's Day at Urukundo

We celebrated Woman's Day at Urukundo. Our Mamas and girls felt very special. 
The zebra is now in the kitchen in the new dwelling place.
Refreshments were served. Fanta, little fishes, salt crackers and fruit.

We had a drawing and the holder of the winning ticket was given a pair of sandals. Of course the sandals where women's size and Belise got the winning ticket. Bless her sweet heart she gave the sandals to Betty the Auntie who takes care her and the little girls. But do not despair - the next day we bought her a pair of sandals that were just her size!

On March 24th we connected with St Joseph's Catholic School in Pittsburgh, Pa. Our kids gathered around and with Skype we were able to see each other and have conversation. It was neat for our kids to learn that even in America, uniforms are worn and the kids play Foot Ball (Soccer). We learned both groups study Science, Math, History, English. We study Kinyarwanda, our mother tongue, and English as a second language.  We hope to connect again while the Secondary kids are home.