Greetings from Mama Arlene in Rwanda for March 2011

Greetings from Mama and Urukundo kids.
March has been very busy. Moving into the new house was such a pleasure. It feels like a home and not just a stopping place.
EVERY ONE HELPED. Less work for me.
The yard for the new place connects with the yard for the Homes. Easy access for me and for the kids. My back door looks out at the back door of the boys home. Being able to wave to them when they stand there is so great. It also is safer for the little ones to come - the distance is shorter for little legs.
My sorrow is I can not see the volcano from my porch. It will be the view from the preschool so I will see it when I visit the school.  I just have to get motivated and walk. The mountain climb is also from the school. So I have many reasons to visit the school and stay healthy.
Jan Brown returns April 5th and the work will start on the preschool. This is an exciting time at Urukundo.
Our Primary girls went shopping for church clothes. They looked very good as they gathered for a photo moment.