Greetings from Mama Arlene in Rwanda for November 2011

Greetings from Urukundo Village and Pittsburgh, Pa. November has been eventful for me and this ministry.  
The beginning of November saw us saying goodbye to our visitors Jan Brown and Carol Falke and sending the first of our teachers (Louise) to the US for some teacher training. Our administrator will make the trip at a later date.
All school kids now are on what would be called SUMMER BREAK in the US. This is a big event in Urukundo. All the children were home for one week.  Then the exodus started as the older kids go visit their home villages to be with extended family and friends for a month. Divine and Dada are visiting their aged grandmothers, some have aunts while others go to friends. It is important they keep a connection with family. 


About the middle of the month my trip to the US for R&R took place.  I am in Pittsburgh now and will be until Dec. 26th when I will return home to Urukundo. After some problems with a Visa I finally was able to board the plane and was on my way. I arrived at Dulles, Washington and more complications but Cathy Leatherwood from Reston came to my rescue and I reached my family safe and sound. I will return to Urukundo the day after Christmas arriving the 27th. and the older kids will come home the first week in January.


Our Toddlers and infants will celebrate the birth of the Christ Child on Christmas day but we will do Fanta, Sombosa, Cake and gifts from sponsors after we are all home together the second week in January 2012. Hard to believe a whole year has come and gone.