Visitors for December


Urukundo welcomed home our first son from his journey in America.
Kevin Uyisenga became a part of Urukundo as translator and body guard for me in April 2006.
After a year of service it was made possible for him to acquire an Education Visa to further his education in America.
Kevin is now in his fourth year at Lindsey Wilson College, Kentucky USA
We were so happy to have Kevin home even though his visit will be short.  He is a good example of possibility to all the brothers and sisters at our home.

Rhegan Zavala from Tucson, Arizona is a return visitor to Urukundo. Her Christmas wish was to come spend Christmas with the Urukundo Kids. Rhegan is a EMT/ Paramedic Student Cochise College in Sieria Vista Arizona.


My New Year's prayer for Urukundo Home and Village is for the funding to arrive for the water project and the funds to get the foundation dug for the Day Care center. God in Charge.