Greetings from Mama Arlene in Rwanda for November 2010

Hello from Urukundo Village and Urukundo Home for Children.

Gee that sounds nice. Urukundo is growing and as we are moving toward 2011 it is awesome what God is doing here. Starting out with a rented house and one child in Gitarama Town in 2006, the changes that have taken place can only be from the Lord. The Lord has given us a home for boys, a home for girls, a nursery, Hope House, a multi purpose house, and a small piece of land dedicated to chickens, four sheep and a cow and her baby.  We call it a farm. Small but productive - we are so blessed. 

The wet season is upon us and I am cold at 70 degrees. Normal for me but when I remember winters in PA, I know I have no reason to complain. 
Wonderful things are happening at Urukundo Home for Children. Three new babies, Kenny, Kenila,and Prince. Claude is home and Ezekiel may be back soon. We now have 42 children in our family - 19 boys and 23 girls. Our maximum capacity is 50.