Urukundo Comes of Age

It is a turning point for Urukundo Foundation.
 We now have Legal status and are an employer. Until the present time our workers have all been volunteers given a stipend plus food, lodging and health insurance. Now we are in a position where we can offer a job to our Rwandese volunteers.  As an employer we can now cover our staff with the Social Security offered by the Rwandan Government. Praise God. We have been working a long time to reach this point.
It will also add complications to our bookkeeping. 
My present secretary Emmanuel (a 20 year old young man) will start University in January.  Thanks to a sponsor in America, Emmanuel will study to become a Lawyer.

Keep this young man in prayer.

We are looking for his replacement. That person will have a job description, be an employee and will need accounting and computer skills. A new phase in the system  of hiring at Urukundo.