Rocking Chairs a Big Hit

With the space available in the new nursery, we have room for rocking chairs and I am very happy about that. 
We now have two rocking chairs where this Gram can enjoy holding and comforting babies. We contacted a local carpenter and asked for help. He was not sure he could do what we asked.  The carpenter made the chairs from a picture. Because this was a first try for the carpenter he only charged us 20,000 rwf each ($40 USD).
The chairs need some sanding and have now had safety stops added to the front of the rockers - the trick is to not rock hard and overbalance the chair!
The picture was on this web site - check it out!  This could be a great way to raise funds for us older women. What fun sitting & rocking.

Luki going solo.

Claude in the chair - he is adventurous and let us know the danger of rocking too hard.  Leave it to Claude.