Some New Tools for Hope Made Real

A word from my Grandson, Christian:

This summer, I plan on journeying to Rwanda, bringing both equipment and friends to help jumpstart the tools and education available in Urukundo.  Mama Arlene has already gotten an internet connection to Urukundo, so now I'm focusing on bringing these kids the tools and skills they need to pursue their own talents and grow into skilled, intelligent adults.  We'll be spending two weeks there to not only set up the equipment, but to make sure everyone gets properly trained to take full advantage of the information available online.

All great things are built one step, one brick, one piece at a time.  I'd like to thank you all, the supporters of my grandmother, for helping her start with a piece of land and it build it into a home of hope.  It's my goal to find new supporters for Hope Made Real to fund this education project and build upon the strong foundation you all provide, so that we can grow even further and continue to bring hope to so many.

Thanks again,

Christian Gloddy