Our Wish List: Urukundo Education Outreach Scholarships

We are currently in a holiday and looking forward to Christmas, the time we set aside to celebrate the greatest gift ever given. The birth of our Lord Jesus. That gift can never be improved upon.

Last year we sent 329 Rwandan children outside of Urukundo Village to school for 2009. Your donations made that possible. We can do it again and, perhaps, even do better.

A gift of $15 will provide the necessary equipment for neighborhood poor children and orphans to go to school. This includes not only access to school, but also their supplies and school uniform. We are asking those who can to add an extra dollar this year ($16) because like every where else prices have gone up. The extra dollar will help us meet our promise to the vulnerable kids in Rwanda.

We do need your help and cannot do it without you.

Consider putting these children on your gift list and make a donation so that a child can get an education in 2010. What better gift can you give to each other than a gift that keeps on growing? From your kindness, it travels to Africa and is a gift to me and the kids at Urukundo Village. You make it possible for us to help our friends and neighbors send their children to school. This is surely a gift worth giving.