Our Babies in Pictures

Baby number 6 arrived Monday October 26, 2009. A little girl. Abandoned.

She is 6 months old, but has developed only as far as a 1 month old. She weights 2.6 Kilos. Under 6 Pounds. She is healthy, but very small. She is in newborn diapers. She needs love and food.

We have named her Rebekah Anita, with a last name pending, available for in-house adoption.

We have bought two more cribs ($40 each) like the two shown in last months newsletter.
They are solid and very strong and will serve as a youth bed as our babies grow. This gives us four cribs and with Claudine's and Rebekah’s coming, we need another. Six babies means six cribs are necessary.

Mama & Rebekah Mama & Rebekah

Sarah & Johnny Sarah & Johnny

Luki, Rebekah & Vestine Luki, Rebekah & Vestine

David & Claudine David & Claudine

A Challenge in Faith: Building a Nursery
We surely do need someone or a group of someones who love babies to accept this challenge.

Building a nursery for Urukundo is such a worthy project.

Sarah & Johnny Sarah & Johnny

Prayers please.