Planting Crops, Gifts from a Marriage, and a Cow Named "Flower"

An Experimental Seed Garden

After trying our patience, the rains have finally started and so is my first American seed garden. This is an experimental garden and, yes, I got down on my knees in the soil and planted the seeds. A young woman helped me and thought the way I planted my seeds was very strange. Next month's update will bring with it news as to whether this little experiment is successful.

A Gift of Trees

Talking about gifts from God. Hope, a house mother at the boy's home, told a family member we were having a hard time getting timbers for building our roof. Trees are scarce here. He called and gave us 300 trees from his property and will help pay the labor to have the trees harvested and prepared for our use.

A Gift of a Cow Named "Flower"

As you may remember, last month Mary Claire, one of our first mama's, was married. Well, in Rwanda, they still practice the tradition of a dowry, and as such, Claire's parents were given two cows. Claire's parents consider us family as well. They brought us gifts here at the village. We were given a large mat woven by hand, two cases of Fanta, a beautiful wooden lidded bowl filled with candy, and lastly and most importantly, a cow named Flower. What a wonderful gift.

The cow is young but a very good breed and will give us a calf and much milk in the future. Out of materials we had on hand we were able to build her a house with enough space for a second cow and a baby calf. We are expecting a second cow from the kind delegates of People to People who visited us in August. That cow will be fresh and will have milk for our baby David.