An Update on David, Our Beautiful Baby

You may remember that last month a baby was found by the side of a road and was brought to us for help.

Well, we're happy to tell you all that at three months old, David is growing strong.  He is lifting his head and focusing his eyes.  He is responding when talked to and putting his body weight on his legs.

This is a different culture and many of the beliefs in Rwanda are quite different from what I practiced in raising my own children in the United States.

Babies are generally kept on their mothers backs and do not learn to look around, sit up, or use their legs until much later in their development.  They are never put on the floor or laid on their stomachs and so do not learn to crawl or to roll over.  Mothers even carry their babies tied to their backs at all times.  Can you imagine working in a field for hours with one of our very active 6 month old children tied to your back? (With a cover over their heads to protect them from the sun of course.)

The mamas here are shocked because I encourage David to grab my hands and pull, sit up and stand with my help.  They say David is too young for such things, but I know that David is strong because of my ways.  Changes may come slowly for mothers and babies, but as things get better in Rwanda, parents will hopefully not have to completely care for their babies and do hard labor at the same time.   Our David will be part of both our cultures, and will a stronger person for it.

David being held by Divine (Our Visitor to America)