Computer Problems Slowed My Correspondence This Last Month

Today, I'm posting all the great news that took place in June.  I am fine even though you have not heard from me.  Computer problems continue to plague me.  This time it was not the internet, but actually my computer that took a turn for the worse.

Most computers can be repaired in Rwanda, but the Mac is not yet supported here.  The repair people won’t even look at it, which I guess is good since they could do more damage by not being trained for that work.  There's a job opportunity for someone versed in the Mac who'd like to come to Rwanda.  More and more people are needing that service here, not just me.  The Mac seems to be very popular with Americans coming to work in Rwanda.

Fortunately, two wonderful people from the U.S., Paulette and Rich Whitekettle, parents of my friend Christie who works with Food for Hungry, were ready to return to the US and offered to take the very sick computer to the Apple store where they live.  The sad part is that the technician at the store said there was water in the PC and the cost of repair would be over $800 USD.  This is a lot of money for me.

I am currently working on a Dell now and a gentleman from Austria gave me his old computer, a Toshiba, but alas I know his intentions were good but the thing is in German and I do not know German. Oh, he did tell me I can go on line and get the words I need to use it.  We’ll see.

Enough about the communication problems. I’m back with the Dell and am praying for the return of a good used Macbook to replace my old one.  Fortunately, I still have a backup of all my files.