Settling Into the Boy's Home, Laying the Foundation for the Girl's Home, and Much More

There is much to report for the month of May on Urukundo Village. For those new to Hope Made Real, Urukundo Village is our new home that we are currently trying to build on land that we actually own so that our work and these children have a place they can truly call home.

Our Great Progress

We have purchased 2.4 acres of land and it is ours, completely complying with all Rwandan government regulations, bought and paid for.  We are so happy to have land to call our own, to grow our good works, and to give these children a true sense of the word "Home".

The boys moved into their new home on April 23rd, 2008 on what was a joyous day and a small house for the caregiver in charge is also completed. It will initially be where I live and then for whoever follows me.

We have also bought a small house close to the boy's home and are renovating it to use it as a charcoal kitchen.

We have built roads to the existing buildings for easy access. Electricity and water have not been easy to get connected to both houses.

The Girl's Home in the Early Stages

In this photo you can see the foundation is nearly completed for the girls home. We need your help to complete this project both financially and with your thoughts and prayers. Living in two different areas is not good for us and hopefully we will be rejoined once the Girl's home is completed.

Our Play Area

Lastly, we have completed the play area to keep our kids safe. This consists of a basketball, volleyball and tennis court combination and a Karate practice area. It is good to see our children doing the thing children should do: just enjoy being kids.

Your Help and Support Make It Possible

Thank you again for your contributions and support. Please help bring our children together in one place enabling us to better care for them. God has been good to us. Things are changing here and making the right decisions is so important. Please pray for wisdom for yours truly as we proceed.