Letter from Arlene

Urukundo Foundation has been recognized and documentation has been given by Muhanga District South Province, Rwanda, Africa. We are now recognized as a foundation with a board of directors both national and International
Support System: Christians who love God and want to make a difference.

Motto: God in Charge.

Ecumenical Church partners include Lutherans, Catholics, United Methodists, Gospel Churches, and Quaker/Friends, as well as others. Everyone is welcome to be a partner in this mission.

Let me share with you what has happened since April 2006 when I return to Rwanda. I will not go into money details. Terry Masch our auditor has that information and will share it with you if you'd like this informaiton.

Getting Started
A home for girls was established. The house has room for twelve children and a staff of six. It is a large house but everyone does not have a room alone. We currently have eleven girls and are waiting for God to bring us our twelfth. To run the mission with eighteen takes the actual facility, food, clothing, education scholarships for school, medical care, and lots of love and spiritual care.

Urukundo Foundation also helped support a home for boys at Byimana called the Umuryango Home for Boys.
Here is a list of our basic needs and the funding that was used in 2006:
$100 USD per month for food
$ 80 USD per month for transport to Church
$12 USD per month offering for church
$200 USD per month stipend for director of boys
$280 USD scholarships year 2007 (School support also includes uniforms, shoe, book bags, notebooks, pens and pencils, and additional fees.)
$58 USD medical care

$150 USD for 1 cow,
$200 USD seed to plant grass for cows
$200 USD shoes & sheets for beds
$165 USD household items
$1826 water tank, installation & reinstallation

It is not our practice to distribute money to individuals. We check each request before helping and then follow-up afterward to make sure the need has been met. We want God's money to be used wisely. And we work with other organizations to be sure we are not overlapping in services. These include the Mpushi School, Byimana Home for Boys, Byimana HIV/AIDS Center, Ruvumera HIV/AIDS Center, Nyamabuye, Twisungane Genocide Widows Association, Abishyizehanwe Genocide Widows Association, and the Kagugu Widows Goats Project. Our ministry includes: genocide widows and orphans (AVEGA), HIV/AIDS affected families, widows, and orphans, seeds for planting, neighborhood poor children, orphaned teens caring for siblings and families with youths as head of household, and community water projects.

Our aim is to give aid to help individuals and families to become self sufficient. Our projects include 97 goats for breeding, 10 bee hives for honey to sell, one milking cow, seeds for vegetables and for animal feed, school support, food for poor families.

Working Toward the Future
As the mission works to become self-supporting we have started two income-producing projects. One in Kigali and one in .

Kavumu Christian Guest House (In Gitarama)
The Guest House's main purpose is to provide lodging for missionaries who visit from other countries (mainly the U.S.). Other visitors needing a place to rest and be fed are also welcome as space allows. We keep the cost at a minimum for those traveling and stranded because of weather or lack of funds. Urukundo welcomes teams coming from other countries and encourages visitors to visit Kagera National Park, Ruhengeri Gorilla Trek, Kigali Genocide Memorial Center, and the Butare Cultural Museum. The Urukundo Guest House employs four Rwandese who receive National Health Insurance for the employee and their family. Profit from the guesthouse will be used to support the mission.

Urukundo Rental Association. (In Kigali)

The Urukundo Rental Association is a shop that rents tents, chairs, decorations, and music for affairs including weddings, parties and meetings. Profit from the Association will be used to support the mission.