March 2007 Newsletter

There are so many things I want to share and it is hard to decide where to begin.
February’s newsletter told you of changes taking place here. I was concerned forgetting our motto. “GOD IN CHARGE”. The Lord directs and I try to follow. The door has opened to again include the United Methodist Church in Rwanda in this ministry and I am so very pleased. God is Good.

If I were connected to Umuryango Foundation I would not have the freedom to follow my heart and do God's will only. The Lord in his wisdom knew it was time for Urukundo to move away from Umuryango and its restrictions. As we continue in this transition please pray that all decisions will be wise and God directed.

Urukundo Foundation
This document has been presented to the district for approval. Please keep it in your prayers.

Urukundo Home for Children
A Christian Mission
Funded by Christians in America

Founded by Arlene D Brown May 1, 2006
Administered by Kayitare John, Rwandese Citizens
A ministry of service to the people of Rwanda working closely with other children and women’s associations.

Preservation of Rwandan Families
Because we believe that all children should have the opportunity to live in a home where love is felt we work to keep children in their homes with their families. It is not possible to reach every child but we will do our best to provide for as many as God places in our care.

In Urukundo Home for Children we offer our children a family home where love, care, spiritual discipleship and physical needs are provided until each child is mature enough to live independently. Our goal is to equip these precious children with moral standards and life skills enabling them to make a significant and lasting impact on the future of Rwanda and for the kingdom of God. We want each child to become the unique individual God called him or her to be.

Our Belief

We believe in and support public education. Children receiving help from Urukundo Foundation attend a public school near their home. They, in this way, become an integrated part of the community.

We believe that child development is dependent on love, care, and spiritual discipleship. Jesus said in Mark 10, verse 14, “Let the children come to me, don’t stop them; for the kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children”.

This being our motivation, we help the children in our care and community by equipping them with Christian values and love. Those who are able to enroll in formal education are financially and morally supported until they earn a high school diploma. Boys and girls who have learning disabilities are taught life skills such as Automobile Mechanics, Carpentry, Tailoring and Homemaking-- to name a few -- to enable them to get jobs and sustain themselves and their families anywhere in the country. Beyond the technical skills, we hope to reinforce their skills with equipment to work in their trade of choice. Guidance and counseling in administering businesses and financial institutions will be a large factor. We strive to help them develop a hard-working spirit and a love for self and family. For their moral development and fun, we arrange social activities, Bible study and outings.

Urukundo’s service and activities are designed not only for the children who live in our home but children from our neighborhood families who are welcome in our home for fun times with the children; to sing with Urukundo’s children, hear Bible stories, and participate in games and the arts. Our wish is to help all children grow and develop a personal relationship with God in order to live their lives with purpose.

Our Objectives

• To establish a healthy relationship with God and family.
• To provide educational opportunities for children and equip them with moral values to become independent productive citizens.
• To create job opportunities in Rwanda by starting local businesses that will employ local citizens and offer internships to help develop better living conditions for Rwandan families.

Service Descriptions

Our number one concern is the future of Rwanda’s children. Therefore, Urukundo’s service is based on the belief that healthy and educated children are the future of Rwanda. For this reason, we are providing a good home, education, health care, and love to the former street kids, orphans, abandoned children and the poor.


The girls have had a month of croup, Bronchitis and of all things, the measles. These are dangerous ills in Rwanda because of poor health care. Children die from ordinary illnesses. Solange had Measles and Bronchitis complicated by asthma. She was very ill and had to go to the hospital for two days. A very disturbing event was the visit to our compound of a large black mamba snake. Our guard and gardener, François killed the snake and disposed of it.

I also have a lovely story and testimony from an inspiring child to share with you all.

~In church Sunday, February 11 Solange asked if she could testify and thank God for blessing her. What could this child have to say? It was ok and so she spoke to the church. She spoke and I listened.

“I want to thank God for 3 things. First, I thank God for my mama who loves me and because I have a home. Second, I want to thank God because I walked too close to a snake and it did not bite me. Third, I went to the hospital and did not die."

It took me a while to understand what this child had said. I came home from church and asked questions that I should have asked before. God opened my eyes with the words of my child. The snake had come into the drive area of our home while the children were playing. Solange had barely missed stepping on it. It is the most deadly snake in Rwanda and, perhaps all of Africa. The area where the snake appeared has been cleared of all growth that would hide a snake and we watch for any offspring for where there is one large snake there is possible more. I hope it was a bachelor traveling alone but we will not take chances.

The trip to the hospital was traumatic for her and all the girls. I now know that she and they thought she went to the hospital to die. They did not think she would come home again. I understand why she clung to me with tears in her eyes when I left her to come home. What fear my children lived with each time they got sick and the hospital was mentioned. Hospitals are not that scary in the U.S. and I was still thinking U.S. Solange did come home and so that fear has lessened. I need to be more conscious of the everyday things that I take for granted and the children do not.

The boys continue to be in our hearts and part of our ministry. they remain our family in Christ. The van picks them up each Sunday and brings them to visit their sisters at our home and then delivers them to the church. We return them home after services. These babes in Christ need nourishment and fellowship with other Christians. They are learning stewardship and are hearing the word of God.
They continue to work on the fields getting them ready to plant the grass seed purchased by Urukundo. This grass is needed to feed the cows they had and the new one from the Urukundo ministries. It is hard work, but the boys labor in love.

LATEST VISITOR: Cindy Greishaber returned to America and her family. Three days after her departure Lieutenant Colonel Emma Coulson of the United States Army stationed in Afghanistan came to spend ten days in our home. While she was here she traveled with Kevin to visit the Gorillas in Ruhenger.